Witchx is a cauldron of creation containing the varied offerings by Zhana Levitsky, ALM RMT HPs. Formerly called Yes Wolf Spirit, we have been serving the magical community since April, 2017 via education, magical mentorships, tarot and a curated shop of magical supplies to support your practice and wellbeing. 


Witchx, to us, is sacred space for the dreamers & magic makers marginalized by our societal over-culture. We believe in radical acceptance, mutual aid, dismantling the cis-hetero patriarchy, white supremacy and the often rigid, gendered, binary & hierarchical systems found within witchcraft and the occulture. Witchx is nexus to the new, the queer, the weird. We aim to provide solidarity, respect and dignity to the spiralic unfolding of the mysteries of individual process and the re-enchantment of culture.  Zhana provides Tarot readings and hosts Tarot Parties as well as offering various healing sessions and teaching rotating workshops. Check out the menu above, or email us for more information. 

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Client Words

New Moon


@witchx.org offers a safe space for all, to gather, process, heal, and learn. shamanic journeys, full moon circles & more ♡ thank you, Zhana.

— Belzemae M.