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Many moons ago, the Udegan presided over the oral mystery traditions as a veritable cartographer of the spirit. The original healer, animist, witch, and storyteller, she was the ancient crone, embodying the axis mundi as the cosmic fulcrum between the mundane and the netherworld, between rapture and ecstasy. 


Zhana Levitsky stands rooted in this nexus, firmly anchored in her Lithuanian upbringing, her dynamic multi-dimensional engagements as a lifelong intuitive, and the auspicious weavings of her future tapestry as an Elder and Ancestor for those to come.

Zhana is an initiated high priestess of the Cabot tradition of witchcraft in Salem, Mass, a co-founder of the Cosmic Bear medicine collective, a master of Reiki Shamanism™, a master teacher in the Usui Ryoho Shiki Reiki tradition, and a certified facilitator of the mythopoetic approach contained in "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and the Archetypal & Cross-Cultural Studies Institute. 

Zhana's focus as community leader and folk ritual maker allows her to share her vision by way of tarot reading and education, energetic healings, magical mentorships, and public monthly moon circles. In the spirit of the ancient cartographers, who oriented themselves in their living cosmologies by triangulating their own inner landscapes, Zhana aids clients in actuating this spiritual mapping by offering magical workshops and trainings in several spiritual technologies. 

Zhana respects the preciousness of individual identity and is aligned with causes granting dignity to all living things. She recognizes that healing is, indeed, a process and holding sacred space for others to open into their authenticity is at the heart of her work. 

Zhana is the owner of WITCHX and holds an ALM in Literature from Harvard University.


WITCHX is located at 222 Cabot Street in the cultural district of Beverly, Massachusetts. This space is sacred container for Zhana's offerings and teachings.


During covid, the shop is accessible online only and all client work is done remotely by zoom.


Testimonials can be found on the bottom of the HOME page and, more cumulatively, on our Instagram highlighted stories under Client Words @witchxorg