Please note: this is a potent tincture, NOT an essence!


Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria), a member of the Basidiomycete group of fungi, contains a number of psychoactive compounds: ibotenic acid, muscimol, muscarine, and muscazone (Muscimol is the most significant).


A small does of either a tincture or an ointment made from fly agaric can cause a feeling of weightlessness, visual and auditory hypersensitivity, space distortion, unawareness of time, and colored hallucinations; feelings of euphoria or invincibility are also oftentimes reported. Fly agaric has also been used as a sedative aid, leading to a deep sleep with vivid dreams.


While fly agaric is most popular for stories of its psychedelic properties, micro-large dosing with properly prepared plant material, also offers a plethora of amazing health benefits. Just a few of those being:


  • Boost immune system and make stronger
  • Has antimicrobial properties based in the mycelium
  • Increased strength, endurance, and virility
  • Natural pain killing properties
  • Euphoria / Bliss / Happiness
  • Opening of the energy body and more energy / vitality
  • Greatly decreases pains such as muscle aches, joint pain, achy body
  • Effective against arthritis
  • Eliminate back pain by using it as a liquid tincture/oil rubbed into the back or area of pain
  • Very small amounts stop almost completely symptoms of Lyme disease (as reported so much so that people with Lyme have reported all their pain and suffering from the disease is taken away for a duration)
  • Increased energy
  • Can decrease or stop depression in some people
  • Helps purge and detoxify the body
  • It can be used in a low dose for micro dosing (.5 of a gram - 2 grams) or in moderate doses of 5 grams at a time.
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Can bring a person closer to spirit / soul and closer with nature
  • It's possible that other neurotoxins and diseases can be assisted or treated using this magical mushroom as well
  • Can be used in religious / ritual / spiritual settings


Properly drying the mushrooms is required in order to minimise the toxic side effects. Once dried, fly agaric can be made into a tea/broth/soup, a tincture, smoked or made into ointments. When dried out the hallucinogenic chemicals are more concentrated (the ibotenic acid is changed into the more stable and less poisonous muscimo).



Siberians have a story about the fly agaric, (wapaq); that it enabled Big Raven to carry a whale to its home. In the story, the deity Vahiyinin, meaning Existence, spat on to the earth, his spittle becoming the wapaq and his saliva the flecks, or warts. Once he had experienced the power of the wapaq, Raven was extremely exhilarated and told it to grow forever on earth so his children, the people, could learn from it.

There are stories concerning the fly agaric and reindeer and the origination of Santa and many Christmas correspondences, as well.

Suggestions have been made that there is a symbiotic relationship between flies, toads and fly agaric (TOADSTOOLS). Flies become intoxicated and frenzied when licking these toadstools and become easy prey for toads with appetite who may have become privy to this, thus spending time near toadstools. This may give valuable insights into the ancient mystery of toads, flies and mushrooms appearing together in fairy lore and popular mythology.
Ancient tribes and civilizations used hallucinogenic fungi to enter the spirit world. The fly agaric may have been the earliest hallucinogenic substance used for religious or shamanic purposes. The shawmans use of fly agaric was intended to induce higher levels of consciousness, vivid visions, spiritual growth, elation and hyperactivity.

These mushrooms also alter the perception of sight, sounds, etc., (the senses) and change/enhance the feelings and thoughts of the user.


I have personally dried these mushroom caps, and personally prepared this tincture, using grain alcohol and distilled water. You will receive a 30 ml, dark colored glass bottle of tincture. I advise storing this in a cool, dark area. Following these suggestions, your tincture should be shelf stable for up to 3 years.

Keep away from children and pets. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Use common sense regarding any possible interactions with prescription RX's and with complications from existing health issues. None of this advise or suggested care/use is intended to take the place of your health care practitioner's advice and care. Nothing I have stated is meant to be taken as health care advise. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


My herbalist writes: I am not a trained medical professional. I AM a trained herbalist, and I prepare and sample each batch of product before offering it to anyone else. I offer the safest poison one can find.


Ingredients: fly agaric mushroom tops, grain alcohol, distilled water

Fly Agaric Tincture (Amanita Muscaria)

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