Thinning the Veil Witches Flying Ointment 
30ml, vegan

My herbalist writes:

Liminal Space is that area in between planes where anything and everything seems possible. As a practitioner, our space often teeters on the edge of societal normality and that of nature and spirits that we seek to connect with. Liminal gets its origins from the Latin root, limen, literally translating to "threshold".

Sure, we have access to all the experiences and possibilities that we could ever wish to access, and to many of the allies that we seek access to, but such relationships must be nurtured with full intent. If you want to connect with a spirit in the liminal space, it is a must to seek that spirit out; to walk through the veil separating this world from that.

I have created this flying ointment to help you do just that; helping to thin the veil--the ethereal curtain between our physical world and the spiritual realm.

By allowing and encouraging a thinning of the veil, more of your truth is revealed and you open yourself to experiencing life beyond physical constraints, allowing one to awaken to higher consciousness and direct spiritual experience.

This ointment is amazing when paired with meditation or spiritual work of any nature. It allows you to relax more completely, and eases the natural, spiritual veil between where we are and where we've yet to be.

You will receive one 30ml tin of vegan friendly ointment, created with candelilla wax, Blue Lotus, Opium Lettuce, Jasmine, Belladonna, Datura Inoxia, and Mugwort--all infused in organic sunflower oil and poplar bud oil, along with usage and care suggestions. Following these suggestions, your ointment should be shelf stable for a minimum of 3 years.

As with all of my products, I create this ointment in small batches to assure quality and freshness. Each batch is tested by me, then blessed and charged before being offered to you.

Thinning the Veil Witches Flying Ointment

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