It’s here!! The swoon-worthy Witchx Power Ointment is a custom Witches flying potion especially dreamed up and crafted October 2020 by Yes Wolf Spirit and the Jagged Path. The ointment is as powerful as it is beautiful (a pomegranate red color) and fragrant (think Samhain herbs and resins simmering in a crackling cauldron with a side of rose tea!)— you can even wear it as a perfume.

Annoint thyself, empower your magic, step through the veils, and be the Witch you want to see in the world!

You will receive one 30ml tin of vegan friendly ointment, created with candelilla wax, Dragon’s Blood resin, Frankincense resin, Datura Stramonium, Henbane, Rosemary, Rue, Alkanet, Rose, Motherwort, Goldenrod, Damiana, Sweetgrass, and CBD--all infused in organic sunflower oil and poplar bud oil, along with usage and care suggestions. Following our suggestions, your ointment should be shelf stable for a minimum of 3 years.

WITCHX Power Ointment

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